Celebrate Australia Week – A Wonderful Life: Australia’s Economic Investment Environment Theme Salon

On October 24th and 25th, Auriton Group, a local Australian company with a decade of experience, together with Beijing Bank Shenzhen Branch and China Life Insurance, organized the “Celebrate Australia Week – A Wonderful Life” theme salon event. The event aimed to share and analyze the economic development history of Australia and its business investment environment with the attending guests.

During the salon, Mr. Gong Yaxi, the founder of Auriton Group, delivered a keynote speech on Australia’s economic trends over the past five years, current policies, and expected development trends. This provided the participants with a macro-level understanding of Australia’s overall economic operating environment.

On the other hand, Mr. Gong, who has been living in Australia for many years, shared his rich experiences and the multicultural aspects of Australia with the guests. Being the most developed economy in the southern hemisphere and the 12th largest global economy, as well as the fourth-largest agricultural product exporter, Australia offers numerous business opportunities.

Following that, Ms. Zou Xuan, Vice President of Auriton Group’s Shenzhen Mingaoyang Company, introduced the Australian style and culture, taking the attendees on a journey into the romantic coffee and arts capital, Melbourne. Everyone got to “taste” the rich aroma of a latte and immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the Australian Open and the Melbourne Cup.

During the speeches, Shenzhen Mingaoyang designed an interactive Q&A session, allowing the guests to gain a better understanding of Australia through small games. Additionally, they prepared some Australian-themed souvenirs to reward the active participants in the Q&A games. After the event, the infectious enthusiasm for Australia made the guests eager to fly to the southern hemisphere to experience its warmth, expressing a strong desire to participate in future Australian-themed salons.

Auriton Group’s Shenzhen Mingaoyang Company would like to express gratitude to all the guests for their support and looks forward to future activities that can serve as a bridge for communication between China and Australia, allowing our clients to genuinely experience, understand, and appreciate Australia.

Shenzhen Mingaoyang Company of Auriton Group, dedicated to Australia, embraces a wonderful life. May every individual who has expectations for life enjoy a life of quality.

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