Auriton Beijing Branch Hosts Overseas Investment Seminar

Last weekend, the Beijing branch of Auriton hosted a unique investment and property afternoon tea seminar for investors who were planning to visit Melbourne, Australia.

At the beginning of the tea event, the company provided a detailed introduction of Auriton Group’s corporate culture and qualifications to the clients. Through the use of multimedia and interactive discussions, Auriton showcased the advantages and bright prospects of investment and living in Australia.

(Image 1: What’s an afternoon tea without Penfolds wine from Australia?)

During the seminar, Chairman Andy shared with the investors, “Compared to the unpredictable regulations in the Chinese real estate market, Australia offers the most stable investment environment. Looking at the overall environment, Australia boasts superior natural conditions and welfare benefits. The clean air, well-established social systems, and stable political system keep Australia away from conflicts and have consistently ranked it as one of the most livable countries in the world. Furthermore, Australia’s economy demonstrates great resilience, as it has not experienced an economic recession even during global economic crises. It is one of the few countries in the world that has maintained price stability and has no inflationary pressures.”

                                                                                                              (Image 2: Auriton staff presenting at the beginning of the tea event)

Andy presented various advantages of immigration and investment in Australia, such as permanent property ownership, low vacancy rates, high transparency of information, and a regulated housing market. In addition, he introduced the current projects owned by Auriton Group, such as Winston and Elision in Melbourne and Hope Island on the Gold Coast. The clients showed great interest in these projects and were preparing to apply for visas to personally visit Australia for inspection.

Auriton has always maintained a responsible attitude towards its clients, providing the highest quality and sincere services to investors. Meanwhile, we have full confidence in our various projects and look forward to the arrival of the visiting delegation to Australia. We are certain that we will deliver satisfactory results to our clients!