Australia Ranked as the Safest Country During Global Catastrophes!

If a global catastrophe were to occur, where would be the safest place to seek refuge? Scientists say it’s Australia!

According to a research study published in October 2019 in the international journal “Risk Analysis,” researchers from the University of Otago in New Zealand ranked 20 island nations to determine which countries would be the best hiding places during a global catastrophe.

The results revealed that Australia ranked first, followed by New Zealand in second place, and Iceland in third. Their paper, titled “The Prioritization of Island Nations as Refuges from Extreme Pandemics,” was published in “Risk Analysis” in October 2019.

Professor Nick Wilson from the University of Otago, one of the co-authors of the study, stated that with advances in technology, the risk of human extinction has reached unprecedented levels. To identify the most suitable islands as refuges, researchers designed a scoring system that considered population, geographic location, resources, and social characteristics of each island nation.

It’s important to note that this study did not use COVID-19 as a model since the novel coronavirus was not known at the time of publication.

The results indicated that Australia is the best refuge for humans due to its surplus energy and food supply. The study assessed the 20 island nations based on their potential to serve as global doomsday refuges, considering criteria such as favorable geographic location, natural resources, and political harmony. Scientists assigned scores ranging from 0 to 1, and the results showed that “Australia (0.71) was followed closely by New Zealand (0.68) and Iceland (0.64) as the most likely to possess the characteristics needed to be refuges in the event of a global catastrophe, where a large-scale technologically advanced society could be successfully rebuilt.”

Professor Nick Wilson, a public health physician from the University of Otago, explained, “Discoveries in biotechnology could lead to an engineered pandemic that threatens our species’ survival. While disease carriers could easily bypass land borders, a closed, self-sufficient island can shelter an isolated, technologically skilled population capable of regenerating on Earth after the disaster.”

Apart from being recognized as the safest country globally, it’s worth mentioning that Australia has performed exceptionally well during the COVID-19 crisis. Through a series of measures such as strict government regulations and economic stimulus to promote employment, Australia has successfully flattened the curve and reached a turning point in the pandemic.

As of the time of writing, Australia has reported 6,432 confirmed cases, 62 deaths, and 3,603 recoveries, with a high recovery rate of 56%. Currently, Australia is one of the leading countries in combating the pandemic globally.

At this moment, it is crucial to remain vigilant and not let our guard down, giving the virus any opportunity to exploit. Australia being ranked as the safest country during a global catastrophe shows that the fight against the pandemic is a phased task. We have already taken a leading position among other countries, and we believe that we will soon achieve success in the battle against the pandemic.

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