Project Launch: 5 Henry Street

Address: 5 Henry St, Doncaster VIC 3108

Project Type: Luxury Villa Development

Land Area: 2000 m2 Local Council: Manningham

Land Use: GRZ3 (General Residential Zone-Schedule 3) – General Residential

Land Investment Prospects: The project is located in the popular area of Doncaster, Melbourne. It boasts natural elevation, beautiful scenery, and is renowned as one of Melbourne’s premier locations. It offers excellent Feng Shui and has well-developed infrastructure. With strong demand for both investment and self-occupancy, the prospects are promising.

Advantages of Doncaster in the Eastern Region:

Ring Road In a recent announcement by the Victorian Labor government, AUD 50 billion will be invested in the construction of a metropolitan ring road, connecting Melbourne’s western and eastern suburbs, as well as linking with existing major train lines. Premier Daniel Andrews stated that the investment in the ring road would be “the largest public transport project in Australian history.”

With the support of the “Ring Road” project, daily travel needs such as shopping in the city center, airport transfers, commuting to school or work, can all be fulfilled within half an hour. This project demonstrates the government’s commitment to address Melbourne’s annual population growth of 2.7%. It will also create 20,000 job opportunities. The convenient transportation, population growth, and the existing well-established infrastructure system in the eastern region will ignite a new wave of enthusiastic demand for housing.

Primary School: Beverley Hills Primary School (Top-rated school with a score of 100)

Secondary School: East Doncaster Secondary College (Highly regarded with a score of 95)

Shopping: Westfield – the second-largest shopping center in the Southern Hemisphere

Transportation: Highways, expressways, public buses, and the upcoming “Ring Road” train line

Parks: Abundance of parks and green spaces, with Ruffey Lake being the largest natural oxygen bar spanning an area of 680,000 square meters

Doncaster Area: Doncaster originated in 1841 as the birthplace of Victoria’s fruit orchard industry. As the city expanded, residential development took center stage. Due to its location at the head of the Dandenong Ranges, the area has always been favored by Asian investors and residents seeking a high-quality lifestyle.

The population of Doncaster is approximately 25,000, with a majority being Australian locals and the second-largest ethnic group being Chinese. With convenient transportation, well-developed infrastructure, and renowned schools, it fulfills the ideal living standards for the Chinese community.

This project is one of the prominent developments in the Eastern Region by Auriton Group. Currently awaiting government approval, a renowned local design team will be engaged for comprehensive planning and diverse architectural styles. The project aims to cater to both high-end and essential market demands, balancing investment and self-occupancy. Investors, please stay tuned for further updates.