About Auriton Group

Auriton Group is an established Australian business group specialising in diverse sectors including commercial and residential real estate development, land planning, fund investment, and management. Auriton Group has solidified its position as a significant contributor to the field of urban construction. The company’s track record exemplifies a long-standing commitment to excellence, as evidenced by the notable projects and developments it has undertaken.





Customer Focus

Auriton Group always puts the interests of our customers first and treats everyone with sincerity and respect.  We listen to their need and work together to achieve the most beneficial outcome for our customers.

Exceeding Expectations

Auriton Group persistently meets the requirements of our customers. Delivering high-quality projects and returns is the core commitment of Auriton Group.

Collaborative Approach

Auriton Group actively promotes collaborations not only with our clients, and we bring all the stakeholders and consultants together to ensure the successful delivery of the project through efficient management and professional knowledge, Auriton strives to deliver the best possible outcome to clients.

Market Knowledge

Auriton Group ensures that we remain dynamic and adaptable in the real estate market with in-depth market analysis and continuous exploration of new market segment opportunities. This proactive approach enables the group to consistently deliver outstanding products.


Co-Founder and Managing Director
Neil Dong
Neil is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Aurition Group who is responsible for the company’s overall performance. Neil has more than 9 years of extensive practical experience on Australian real estate project development.
Co-Founder and Director
Arthur Gong
Arthur is the Co-Founder and Director of Auriton Group. Since 2014, Arthur has been in charge of the international market for Auriton, specialised in real estate, immigration and investment services.

Andy Sheng
Andy is the Director of Auriton Group. He is also the Executive Director of Australia Grand Wealth Group, which has a broad range of services across all sectors including media, E-commerce of Arts, gallery, international trading, tourism and real estate.
General Manager
Eric Lin
Before entering into a real estate career, Eric held executive positions in both Hilton Hotels Australia and Diners Club International in Singapore. These organizations valued his ability to recognize and develop
Legal Adviser
Jessica Xiang
Jessica is the legal adviser of Auriton Group, MARA registered migration agent. She has the Master degree of Professional Accounting from UTS, and Graduate Certificate of Migration Law from VU.
Head of Department (Development)
Vincent Lin
With 23 years of industry experience in commercial and contract management with some of the Australian major construction companies, specialise in commercial, retail, residential and hospital projects across Melbourne.
Brisbane Office Principal
Minia Jiang
Minia is an experienced practitioner with 21 years in professional practice. She is responsible for the initiation, management, and completion of property development projects for Auriton Group.
Auriton Melbourne
Auriton Melbourne is the headquarters of Auriton Group, which is composed of a group of high-quality real estate practitioners with a global vision and local expertise.
Auriton Sydney
Auriton Sydney is a division of Auriton group, which consists of a team of experienced registered and licensed immigration lawyers from the Australian immigration office.
Auriton Queensland
Queensland is a state full of opportunity, which we have recognized since we opened our Brisbane office years ago. Our growing local team provide commercial and residential real estate development, land planning, fund investment and management services throughout Queensland.
Auriton Chongqing
Auriton Chongqing is the southwest China branch of Auriton group, which is composed of a group of high-quality real estate practitioners with overseas study background
Auriton Wuhan
Auriton Wuhan is the first branch located in the middle centre of China to serve the increasing number of high-net-worth customers and deal with the emergence of various needs.
Auriton Guangzhou
Auriton Guangzhou is a branch of Auriton group in coastal areas of China. Its business segments include overseas immigration, overseas real estate, overseas finance and overseas investment.