Auriton Exhibits at the 5th Beijing International Trade in Services Fair

The 5th China (Beijing) International Trade in Services Fair (referred to as “Trade Fair”) officially kicked off on May 28th. It is reported that this year’s Trade Fair will feature 50,000 square meters of exhibition space and over 130 conferences and negotiation activities held over a period of 5 days. As a leading exhibition in the service trade sector, previous Trade Fairs have attracted more than 75,000 exhibiting companies and 562,000 visitors from 173 countries and regions.

Lin Fusheng, Vice Chairman of the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Bruce Atkinson, President of the Legislative Council of Victoria, Australia, Cheng Lu, Vice Chairman of the 9th National Federation of Industry and Commerce and Chairman of the China Western Research and Development Promotion Association, Han Kairan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Australia China Industrial Park Group Limited, and others attended the event and delivered speeches.

According to the information, this year’s Trade Fair includes a 50,000 square meter exhibition area, which consists of international exhibition zones set up by 37 foreign countries and regions such as the United States, Japan, Switzerland, and Australia. There are also exhibition zones for 31 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities, as well as 25 industry-specific exhibition zones focusing on areas such as technological innovation, cultural trade, e-commerce, financial services, and traditional Chinese medicine services. Representatives from Auriton observed at the exhibition site that the various exhibition zones have been largely constructed, and participating companies are finalizing their booth setups. As a significant component of deepening the “Belt and Road” initiative, Australia International Industrial Park brought more than 20 renowned Australian companies to participate in the exhibition and signed strategic cooperation intentions with several companies and institutions, including the Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce, cross-border e-commerce company Xiaobenniao, and the Beijing Chamber of Commerce in Luoyang.

As a participant in the Trade Fair, Auriton Group appeared in the Australia China Business and Industrial Park. General Manager Sheng and Bruce Atkinson, President of the Legislative Council of Victoria, Australia, engaged in discussions and exchanges in the exhibition zone. Sheng provided a detailed introduction of Auriton Group’s history to the President, who also gave positive recognition to our group’s contributions in Australia. They took a commemorative photo together at the end.

The President expressed that, in the context of generally favorable international market conditions, Australia and China have been committed to reducing tariffs and continuously opening up markets, making trade between the two countries more accessible. The Australia International Business and Industrial Park serves as a comprehensive service platform connecting small and medium-sized enterprises from both China and Australia. It not only enables more Chinese SMEs to expand to Australia but also helps Australian and even global SMEs enter China, expand their markets, and even achieve localization, branding, and international development for their products. Its tremendous potential value is evident. Currently, the Australia International Business and Industrial Park receives support not only from many outstanding local companies in Melbourne but also from the Victorian government, which is investing heavily in infrastructure construction to improve the surrounding service environment.

The successful hosting of this forum will undoubtedly promote better cooperation between Beijing and the state of Victoria, bringing more development opportunities for enterprises from both sides. As for Auriton Group, we highly value this exchange activity, as it allows our company to receive more comprehensive exposure, promotion, and access to higher-value services on this international platform.