Australian Property Market is No Longer Bearish! ANZ Revises Forecast: Strong Price Growth Expected Next Year!

ANZ Bank has scrapped its expectation of a 10% decline in house prices caused by the pandemic, stating that the surge in popularity driven by stimulus measures and record-low interest rates will dampen price declines and may even result in a “moderate” increase in prices this year.

Property Market | Buyer Enthusiasm Unaffected by Lockdown! Melbourne’s Auction Clearance Rate Rebounds!

During the first weekend following the implementation of Stage 4 restrictions, Melbourne witnessed a preliminary auction clearance rate of 73%. Despite the increased uncertainty caused by strict limitations, many sellers brought forward their auction plans.

How to Evaluate the Appreciation Potential of an Australian Property?

There are two tricks to investing in Australian real estate: “house-to-house” (buying a property with a loan, using the appreciation to purchase a new property) and “house-to-education” (using rental income and property appreciation to cover children’s tuition fees). These are openly known secrets in the Australian property industry.