Auriton Employee Professional Fund Training

This afternoon at 2 o’clock, some employees from the Mission Projects department had the privilege of participating in a fund professional knowledge training conducted by Chris Li, the founder of InterAsia Group. Chris, holding a Master’s degree in Finance and Professional Accounting, is certified by the Australian Public Accountants Firm and holds the RG146 Financial Certificate. With years of industry experience, he has led InterAsia Group to limitless prospects, with six core businesses including capital, funds, education, immigration, real estate, and business travel, and has successfully established three branch offices in China.

During this fund training session, Chris provided detailed insights to the employees about the financial background, fund development environment, and trends in Australia. Through examples and interactive discussions, the employees gained a solid foundation in fund knowledge, and the Q&A session resolved many of their doubts. In the concluding remarks, the directors encouraged the employees to continue learning and acquire new knowledge, in order to provide our clients with more professional and comprehensive services.