Auriton announced its entry into the Chinese real estate market, further expanding its business in Asia

Auriton Group Chairman Neil Dong and Executive Director Arthur Gong plan to expand their business footprint in the Southwest region of China. As a crucial step in Auriton’s overseas expansion, the group will collaborate with local renowned high-end brand developers DeShang and Longfor to jointly create the Luxehua Tianxi project in Chengdu’s Lu Lake area.

This project is the first commercial venture in China’s Southwest region invested by the Australian-based Auriton Group. It is situated in the Lu Lake sector of Chengdu’s Tianfu New Area, showcasing the prominent aesthetic features that seamlessly blend with nature. Drawing inspiration from mountains, rivers, and cascades, the project embodies an artistic representation that connects with the essence of life. It allows people to experience the harmony between sunlight, trees, flowers, flowing water, and the environment, naturally integrating the space within the city. Instead of deliberate imitation, the project explores a more accepting approach to nature, incorporating elements of Chinese virtual and real, artistic conception, and charm. The boundaries between indoor and outdoor become blurred as the architecture merges with the landscape. The total area covers approximately 101 acres, divided into two sections, with low-rise buildings in the north and high-rise residential and block-style shops in the south. The plot ratio of the project is only 2.0, accommodating a total of 672 residential units and 114 commercial shops.

Luxehua Tianxi project is located in the 8,300-acre Lu Lake Ecological Area, with the completed Hongshi Park on its western side. Hongshi Park, developed in three phases, boasts 208 plant species and distinct seasonal changes throughout the year. The park has won the British Landscape National Award for two consecutive years. To the south of the Luxehua Tianxi project lies the 3,800-acre Tianfu Park, which features water as its central theme. Water sources are introduced from the north and eventually converge into the Luxi River, with a water area exceeding 600 acres. Why is Lu Lake so popular? As a representative of purely residential sectors in the Tianfu New Area, the Jinjiang Ecological Belt, Lushan, and Lu Lake sectors naturally became the “carriers” for the vast industrial population in the Tianfu New Area. However, when considering factors such as the grade of residential projects, urban interface conditions, scale of ecological resources, and market potential, the Lu Lake sector stands out as the best among the three sectors.

Observing the location of the Lu Lake sector, it is situated precisely in the “sandwiched” zone between two “heavyweight” production cities—the Gaoxin South Financial City-Da Yuan and the Tianfu Headquarters Business District CBD area. Compared to the two city commercial center sectors, the Lu Lake sector excels in terms of the reasonable elements of urban layout. Whether it is in terms of “connection” or “connectivity,” the pure ecological residential function of the Lu Lake sector is precisely dualistic. As a result, Lu Lake has become one of the birthplaces of luxury residences in Chengdu.

For more information about the project, please contact Auriton.

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