Celebrate Australia Week – A Wonderful Life: Australia’s Economic Investment Environment Theme Salon

On October 24th and 25th, Auriton Group, a local Australian company with a decade of experience, together with Beijing Bank Shenzhen Branch and China Life Insurance, organized the “Celebrate Australia Week – A Wonderful Life” theme salon event.

Following the success of the International Migration Summit

Following the success of the International Migration Summit (IMS) in 2016 and 2017, the IMS summit returned to Beijing and Shanghai from April 18th to 20th and April 23rd to 25th in 2018, bringing two two-and-a-half-day global investment immigration feasts for colleagues in the investment immigration industry.

How to Evaluate the Appreciation Potential of an Australian Property?

There are two tricks to investing in Australian real estate: “house-to-house” (buying a property with a loan, using the appreciation to purchase a new property) and “house-to-education” (using rental income and property appreciation to cover children’s tuition fees). These are openly known secrets in the Australian property industry.