Celebrating the Gold Coast Launch of Rivea Sufers Paradise

On September 10th at 2 p.m., the meticulously crafted landmark architectural masterpiece “RIVEA” on the Australian Gold Coast, by Auriton Group, hosted a magnificent grand opening sale ceremony. As a premier riverfront landmark luxury apartment project on the Gold Coast, RIVEA attracted industry elites, investors, partners from major cities across Australia, as well as numerous media representatives and Mr. Robert, a council member of the Gold Coast City Council.

The vibrant opening ceremony of this sales event witnessed the brilliance of the Auriton’s brand, RIVEA.

The atmosphere was filled with excitement as participants enthusiastically engaged in the on-site lottery activity, laughter resonating throughout

With the event progressing, lucky winners emerged for each coveted prize, their joy and happiness evident as they received their rewards.

We extend our utmost gratitude to all esteemed guests and partners who graced the occasion with their presence.

Your invaluable support elevated the event to new heights of grandeur.

The RIVEA sales launch signifies a significant milestone for the Gold Coast, offering residents an unparalleled luxury lifestyle experience that harmoniously coexists with nature.

We eagerly anticipate your esteemed presence as we collectively bear witness to this exhilarating moment and fulfill your long-cherished aspirations of embracing the coveted Gold Coast lifestyle.

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